Top 7 cheap holiday destinations to visit in 2017

So you’ve secured a cheap flight for that special family vacation. Everything about your travel destination seems great and beautiful just like in the postcards – only problem? You have no idea what holidaying there is like in terms of finance. Fact remains, you do not want to get stranded on a vacation – it’s a bad memory. When we travel, we want to save as much as we can – this is why we have put together this article to help you find the top 7 cheap holiday destinations as of 2017. You can thank us later.

The countries listed below are in no particular order as the order depends on individual taste, price and other relative factors.

1/ Cambodia

If you are looking for a holiday destination where you can have fun without feeling bad for your bank account, then Cambodia is just the place for you. It is one of the most beautiful travel destinations which offer several low-cost options – particularly transportation.

. For a good time having a beautiful view of the scenes, it’s always advisable to ride a bus or board a slow-moving train instead of driving yourself. It is even safer.

Another way to enjoy your stay in Cambodia is by renting a mountain bike. This means you get to see the landscape as well as interact with the locals – the rough roads on the mountain make it even more adventurous.

There is no denying that Cambodia has a significant poverty rate which by extension contributes to some level of crime and corrupt practices in the country – hence, you should be cautious of the locations you visit.

With as low as $2.50, you can have good meals in some parts of the country.

If you are a tourist, your visit to Cambodia is not complete without a visit to the capital of Phnom Penh and the ancient Bayon Temple situated in Angkor Thom.

2/ Vietnam

From Phnom Penh in Cambodia, you can get to Vietnam via bus with fares ranging from $10 to $20. Vietnam is a wealthier and developed country compared to Cambodia. As much as Vietnam is one of the cheapest holiday destinations around the world, you will pay relatively more for everything than in Cambodia. However, you can also get pocket-friendly enjoyable food at local markets in Vietnam. Feeling a little buoyant? Then there are also high-end restaurants and fine dining which only the buoyant should patronize.

Ranging from staying overnight on a junk in Halong Bay to going for cooking classes; you are spoilt for options on what to do in Vietnam without digging a hole in your pocket.

However, note that the National Tet holiday holds late January or beginning of February. During this holiday, the local people are usually on the move thereby making it difficult for foreigners to travel. It is, therefore, advisable not to schedule your visit towards this time.

3/ Thailand 

Thailand is also is another cheap vacation destination you should consider visiting this year. Train transportation is also a good option when traveling through this country as there are many beautiful sights to see.

However, keep in mind that trains can be very slow. Some very budget-conscious tourists tend to prefer traveling by bus.

If you intend to visit a country in Southeast Asia with ultra modern amenities, then your destination is most definitely Thailand as it is often touted as the most developed country in Southeast Asia. Some of the beautiful places you can visit in Thailand include large shopping malls, fine dining restaurants, and large movie theaters.

The Chiang Mai part of the country has lots of places to visit – with places such as the Old Moat, an elephant camp or a visit to the Healing Family Foundation; it’s difficult to not have fun. The best way to conclude your visit to Chiang Mai is by getting a massage at one of the numerous massage parlors available in the area – a massage may last for up to one hour or more and they are usually very affordable.

4/ South Africa

One rather fascinating thing about visiting this country is that you get the complete safari experience with the Big Five without having to break the bank.

What you would experience in South Africa is similar to what you would get in New Zealand or Switzerland just that it costs about a quarter of the price. The beaches are free and the white sands and the clear water would make you reject the idea of leaving.

Be it hiking, sand boarding, biking, bungee-jumping or boarding, South Africa is indeed an adrenaline junkie paradise so be prepared for action-packed adventures throughout your stay there.

With hostels offering accommodation from as little as €10 per night and guesthouse private rooms going for about €35 a night, South Africa is one of cheapest vacation destinations you should visit in 2017.

5/ Bolivia

Bolivia is a relatively underdeveloped bolt hole. Walk along Calle Jaen in Bolivia’s capital, La Paz which hosts the city’s best preserved colonial buildings, ornate black-grilled balconettes, and white-washed facades. It’s also where you would see several museums such as where used to be the home of Pedro Domingo Murillo, the man who led forces during the La Paz Revolution in 1809. You can see all these beautiful scenes with just 50p (B$4).

Also, Bolivia is among the cheapest destinations for food and drinks in the whole of South America. For instance, a bottle of Pacena beer generally goes for less than £1.50 and a bowl of potato soup (chairo) is about the same price.

6/ Sri Lanka

While places close to India have continued to grow in popularity and Southeast Asia has always been known to be a budget travel destination, relatively unpopular Sri Lanka has continued to be a mystery. By far one of the stops as you plan to travel the world on a budget this year, Sri Lanka is the ideal cheap destination for hikers, surfers or people looking to see large populations of Asian elephants roaming in the wide.

To ease your movement around the country, you can rent a car and spend your first few days in the country driving south down the coast to Beruwala Bay and the popular coastal city of Galle. However, you can make the journey more adventurous by making use of the tuk-tuk.

7/ Bosnia and Herzegovina 

Bosnia and Herzegovina is one of those mysterious European destinations that you most likely don’t know much about. Disturbed by war till 1995, the country has been recovering for more than a decade. However, it still has a lot to offer visiting tourists.

Neum, the southern part of the country, is the place where you will see deserted beaches and the shimmering waters of the Adriatic Sea, something similar to what can be found up and down the coast of Croatia.

You can spend a few days exploring the historical Mostar, the home of one of the most recognizable bridges in Europe which also doubles as a photographers dream place.

Food, transportation, drinks and accommodation are all very affordable and you can spend a number of days touring old tunnels, kayaking, white water rafting or hiking up old Austro-Hungarian forts at a cheaper price compared to what you would pay in other European countries.

Have fun as you travel the world on a budget!

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