Top 7 best affiliate marketing programs for blogs in 2017

An affiliate marketing program is a method of online marketing where merchants pay commissions to affiliates for referring clients to purchasing their products. The blogger or site owner registers on one of the affiliate marketing programs and gets signed up with a username. He can choose the particular offers he might love to promote on his blog site. Then, he can promote the products with ad links, banners, and search boxes. If by chance any of his online visitors is interested in any of the promoted items or products and clicks the link on the ad, he can purchase the product and the website owner gets paid. All these activities are monitored through the affiliate marketing program. With the aid of this program, upfront advertising costs are not needed because a portion of the profits will be given to your affiliates every time there is a lead, sale, or subscription.

There are so many benefits that these programs bring to the table. These programs have become a superb gateway to advertise products in the markets. By agreeing to the terms and conditions between the affiliates and vendors, the site owner allows the merchant promote his goods or products on their web page and the site owner will get paid for every generated sale. The best affiliate marketing programs possess an extensive range of merchant products to select from and also give out high commissions.

 Affiliate marketing programs are cost effective means of advertising that make customers get aware of a product. It also gives the merchant a significant and extensive market. The marketer gets new innovations of new markets that the program promotes the advertised products in. These can be utilized to accrue a stream of diversified income. These programs have prevailed over traditional advertising techniques because one gets significant exposure globally. The affiliates promote these services and products in niche markets and this enhances business in a large proportion, which is good for both marketer and the merchant. As a matter of fact, affiliate marketing is a relatively hitch-free means for small and medium-sized bloggers and other site owners to earn cash.

An established fact to put in mind about any internet marketing affiliate program is that when you turn an affiliate, you’re associating yourself with the service or the product you’ll be selling. Therefore, select the best affiliate marketing program that you would prefer because the entirety of what the product owner does reflect on you.

Here are 7 top affiliate marketing programs every small and medium-sized blogs must utilize in order to get maximum financial gains from your blogs via affiliate marketing.

1/ SellHealth

Health products are extremely patronized on the internet. SellHealth is one of the best affiliate marketing programs and promotes anti-aging products and sexual health backed by a 100% money refund guarantee.

They give liberal commissions within the range of 30%-50% of every generated sale. Additionally, cash bonuses and contests motivate the highest achievers. Due to the fact that conversion rates vary due to circumstances unique to each affiliate, SellHealth ensures to test their sales and occasionally improve their pages for the highest conversions.

Those seeking for the best affiliate marketing program for weight-loss, health, and beauty products need no other program than SellHealth.

2/ Clickbank

The Clickbank affiliate program is ideal and secure for digital downloads and online products such as cooking, ebooks, and courses for learning languages. One of the fascinating things about Clickbank is that their registration process is very easy to go through and gets approved in no time.

3/ Amazon

This is one of the topmost online shopping brands presently. Here, you get large variety of goods or products to promote but the commissions are low. Amazon is a household name; therefore millions of products can be promoted on your site or blog and make cool money. Amazon gives out up to 10% commission for all their affiliate sales, therefore you can link to any website page on Amazon and you’ll be paid for all sales made by your referral.

4/ Rakuten Affiliate Network

Rakuten affiliate network can also be referred to as LinkShare. There are various brands of products that can promote online with your blog or website like fashion, market sectors, cooking, entertainment etc. It requires high chunk of traffic in order to approve or monetize a site or blog. Here, you can search the catalog of promoted products. No wonder why is it one of the best affiliate marketing programs out there.

5/ Commission Junction

Commission Junction is one of the well-known and recognized affiliate marketing programs. There are various types of products to promote on this platform. With Commission Junction, you must apply in order to be accepted by the advertisers. Approval is easy to get as a new user. Commission junction is very easy to filter or search because products are categorized in language, currency etc.

6/ ShareASale

ShareASale is a Chicago-based affiliate marketing program that possesses over 2,500 merchant programs and offer brands like PS Print and HootSuite. This is one of the best affiliate marketing programs and has received superb ratings with the company’s ethics, reputation/security, customer service, and ease of commission payment receiving sparkling reviews.

7/ ClixGalore

ClixGalore is an Australian pay-per-action (PPA) affiliate network that has annexed in the United States, United Kingdom, and Japan. The firm offers different types of programs including PPS (pay-per-sale), PPL (pay per lead), PPC (pay-per-click), and PPM (pay-per-impression). Many programs pay in US dollars.

If you have been thinking of using affiliate marketing program to monetize your website or blog, consider utilizing these seven programs to see if they fit your audience and niche.

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