Top 6 Extreme Frugality Tips to help you Save Money Quickly

There is nothing wrong in becoming penny-wise especially if you are experiencing financial hardships. Extreme frugality can help a prudent person survive an economic crisis. It may be difficult at first especially if you have been used to a luxurious lifestyle.

There are numerous solutions available to prudent consumers. Yet, here are the top 6 extreme frugal living tips financial experts always recommend:

  • You can start living a frugal lifestyle by planning a monthly personal budget and sticking to it despite the temptations of splurging. Be cautious so you can have some money left until the next pay check comes. Make a list before shopping for food and essential items.


  • Try to negotiate with your credit card provider to get lower interest rates. This is better instead of applying for a new card with reduced rate. Besides, your credit score is affected each time you get a new credit card. This will result in higher interest charges which evolve into a negative cycle. Look for friendlier deals with other credit card firms. Use said information as leverage for negotiations. More often than not credit card companies will match rates offered by competitors.


  • One of the most practical frugal living tips and ideas is to schedule your vacation or travels during lean months. In other words, avoid the peak season when airline companies charge higher fares and hotels or resorts do not give discounts. Get the cheapest plan fare along with promo hotel accommodations. This only entails research through the Internet and doing a bit of comparison shopping that can save you money on travel expenses.


  • Make sure to sign up for every available free reward programs that you discover. You will surely find many online and physical retailers willing to reward customers who shop at their stores. To maximize these special offers, create an email account specifically for these mail listings. Collect all the cards that you possibly can. Check out that account for coupons once you are ready to make purchases. Use rewards credit cards to get more discounts and incentives.


  • Extreme frugality also means buying clothes from thrift shops in your neighborhood. These outlets sell quality apparel at affordable prices. Do not be ashamed to buy your informal wear here since of the clothing sold in charity retail outlets are durable and look good as well.


  • Last but not least is to become more creative with recreational pursuits. Bring your kids to the park rather than the mall or cinema and restaurant. Otherwise, you will come home a few hundred dollars poorer. Watch a free concert or exhibit. You can also go hiking, biking or simply take an afternoon stroll. This promises to be one of the more inexpensive frugal living tips and ideas.

Remember to plan ahead! Stay organized at all times as well. This will certainly help you live a frugal lifestyle when times get to be challenging.

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