Top 5 Affiliate Marketing Programs for Beginners

Top 5 Affiliate Marketing Programs for Beginners

Any decent website owner or blogger knows that affiliate marketing programs are the way to make money online. However, they don’t always know how best to get started, or where to get started.

If you don’t know about affiliate marketing, we’ll give you a simple breakdown. It’s simple, you promote a product or service and when you generate a sale, you receive a commission.

The best affiliate marketing programs for beginners are as follows:


As far as affiliate marketing programs for beginners go, Clickbank is extremely popular. It’s the biggest market for digital products, which means a large profit margin.

There are products for every industry, including arts & entertainment, business, investing, betting, education, e-business, e-marketing, home & garden, fitness, health, languages, sports, travel, self-help, spirituality, and more.

You can choose the products that you would like to promote and receive a customized link that reverts back to you, thus when a sale is made you receive credit. This link is known as a hop link.

Perhaps the only negative of Clickbank is that they pay via a pay check, whereas, other options feed into PayPal, which is cheaper and quicker.

Commission Junction

CJ is similar to Clickbank, the difference is that they have cost per actions, and physical goods. Cost per action is when an advertiser pays you based on specific actions, for instance: signing up for a newsletter, or filling in a contact request form, registering, or making a sale.

Commission Junction features a wide variety of Fortune 500 brands. There are plenty of industries to choose from, and it’s completely free to join. It is stricter when handling pay-outs, as it will only pay via a direct deposit or a check.


JVZoo is one of the prime affiliate programs for beginners. Like Clickbank it deals in digital goods from a variety of industries. The difference here is that sellers need to approve you before you can promote any of their products. Additionally, you get to keep more of your earnings versus Clickbank. JVZoo also won’t pay-out via PayPal.

Amazon Associates

We can all agree that Amazon is the planet’s largest online store. When signing up for the program you can promote any type of product. You will receive a unique link to place on your site, with every click and purchase you earn a commission.

For instance, you just made a purchase for awesome headphones, and you happened to write a blog post about how excellent they are. You simply include your affiliate link and if someone buys from that link, you earn the commission. Even if they end up buying something else, because they’ve followed your link, you’ll receive a commission.

The drawback of Amazon, is they deal in low commissions, which is why high tickets are the way to go.


There are a variety of lessons, tips, and tools available through Affilorama for beginners. It’s totally free to join, and in addition to the free training, you can earn 50% commission.

Which affiliate marketing program is the one for you? That, my friend, is up to you. Perhaps the best way would be to sign up for each of them to determine which you like best. You won’t learn anything until you get started- so get your hands dirty.


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