SpyFy Monetize Your Fan Pages & Groups


The Easy Way To Monetize Your Fan Pages & Groups.

Let’s face it with SpyFy, coming up with new ideas to monetize Fan Pages and Groups takes a lot of research time…time you likely don’t have.

So what if you skip the hard work, yet, still have the ability to hone in on the hottest products your niche has PROVEN they already crave?

Well, this is what you’re about to discover inside SpyFy Platinum. You’ll get more options than ever to research what your Fans want, and deliver it up on a silver platter for juicy paydays.

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Friends, we know you’re anxious to access your purchase of SpyFy right now. However…

We’re asking for just a few minutes of your time, because we have an exclusive CUSTOMERS ONLY special offer for you.

While the e-Commerce module inside SpyFy is powerful on its own, with over 28k Shopify stores in its database, plus Amazon and Ebay search capabilities, we wanted to give you the chance to get an inside edge to finding the perfect offers for your niche customers.


THIS IS WHY, for a LIMITED TIME only, we’re
adding fuel to SpyFy’s already smokin’ hot
module in the Platinum
Edition of the app.

With even more e-Commerce options to search from inside the Platinum Version. Combined with the ability to hyper target eager markets inside SpyFy’s FB Ad Module. You’ll have so many ways to monetize your Fan Pages and Groups, you won’t believe your eyes.



Revitalizing and monetizing your Fan Pages has NEVER been easier than with this method. Why put all your eggs into a single basket when you can create MULTIPLE STREAMS of INCOME. (T-shirts, Adsense, Affiliate Commissions, CPA offers and MORE) from simple-to-set-up Fanpages?.

You’ll discover how to earn weekly checks by combining Facebook with multiple cash-generating channels. . . and you only need a tiny $5 day budget to get started!.

End result? A massive, RELIABLE traffic + income source . . . plus the lowdown on the skills you need to jump into more money-making niches in seconds.

Get SpyFy NOW

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