What kind of business can I start with 1000$ or less ?

What kind of business can I start with 1000$ or less

The issue of starting a business with little or no capital has been a big deal for so many people and the demand for starting a new business both from employed and unemployed is increasing on daily basis. Starting a business-online or offline, can be challenging or expensive, especially for someone who has never been an entrepreneur.

There are lucrative businesses out there that one can start and make a living out of them. Both online and offline, there are good business, but the problem is discovering what kind of business you can start with $1000 or less. That your neighbor or your colleague at work is doing that business and doing well does not mean you must do well in the business too, but the good news still remains that there are businesses which you can start with little or no capital and do well in them.

If you have ever asked yourself this question: “What kind of business can I start with $1000 or less?” and you still wish to find answers to your question, you have to keep reading as I will be opening your eyes to the kind of businesses you can start with $1000 or less or even without capital and do very well in them.

  • Freelancing

Freelancing is no doubt one of the best ways of starting little and growing bigger. The good thing about freelancing is that you may not need capital to start making your money at the comfort of your home. As a freelancer, you make money doing what you love doing. Do you love writing? Or you love everything about graphics design? Freelancing is the best online business you can make a living with the things you love doing.

Websites such as Fiverr, Upwork, Elance, Ebylinee, etc can be your starting point. You can start something tangible with any of these freelancing sites. There are several other freelancing sites. You can do well by checking online for more freelancing sites.

To get started with freelancing, all you need is a simple word processing program on your computer and internet connection. Other requirements are secondary.

  • Private Tutor/Teacher

You need to think outside the box if you want to be better than your mates. Have you not thought of applying to be a private teacher to someone’s child? This is an offline business that you can do and still retain your current business. Parents are willing to pay you anything to show their children extra knowledge that will make them stand out. The demand for private teachers is actually growing and the smart ones are making good use of the opportunity. You need to tap into this business and turn your life around. You can start with less than $1000 if you want to get some things to get yourself prepared and sometimes, you may not need to start the business with any capital.

  • Become a Consultant

Being a consultant is not much demanding. Just have basic facts about any of these fields like taxes, accounting, art collections, history or any topic you can think of. The key is giving advice to people based on your field and getting paid. People are getting paid for providing solutions or bring new ideas. You too can make something from this business.

For instance, you have lots of facts about accounting, a company can hire you as an accounting consultant to help their business with all their financial needs. Likewise with someone who can write, a company can hire them to take charge of their reports, memos, or records, etc. Are you good with computer? You can become a computer constant and help companies with software, hardware, programming or even troubleshooting.

  • Selling e-books

Do you know you can sell books online and make money from it? You can market your books online make your money. Even if you don’t have your personal book, you can get books by other authors and sell. Some books have reseller right. Amazon is another platform where you can start selling books with little or no capital. You just have to learn how to market your books and you will see yourself making it big from eBook selling.


Having gone through this article, I believe you have seen for yourself that there are businesses that you can start with $1000 or less and still make a living from them. This article has also answered your question: “What kind of business can I start with $1000 or less?” Pick any of the mentioned businesses while you retain your current business. You can also check online for more businesses you can start with $1000 or less.

Do you suggestions or ideas that you want to share? You are free to make contributions to this discussion. Your little contribution can be the exact information that someone might use to start something.

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