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Data entry jobs

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Do you realize a way to make money online with on line data entry jobs? What are on line statistics of data entry jobs? How a lot cash can you’re making with online data entry jobs? examine on for all the solutions.

There are a lot of scams in this area of interest. in case you’ve ever notion about online facts entry jobs, study this newsletter. if you know someone who is inquisitive about on line information access jobs, allow them to know about this article.

Online data entry jobs facts

data entry jobs

Are all online data entry jobs scams?

I did a lot of research on online data entry jobs. And here’s the conclusion I came to…


As soon as I started out researching on-line facts entry jobs, I right now noticed quite a few negative remarks from those who had paid for products advertising and marketing “on-line data entry jobs” and lost their cash as a result.

Like most valid online jobs, valid online records entry jobs also are free to sign up for.

So in case you stumble upon a internet site advertising “on-line information access jobs” that calls for money to sign up for or get greater statistics, run the other manner! 🙂

The best news is that there are some legitimate on-line records entry jobs. but, due to overwhelming demand the opportunities are limited and the pay is low.

Data entry job misconceptions

Right here are a few misconceptions about online data entry jobs.

On line facts access jobs may involve typing records from:

  • Scanned documents.
  • Order paperwork.
  • Receipts.
  • Cope with correction and verification.

Online data entry jobs ought to now not contain:

  • Writing ads.
  • Deciding to buy ads.
  • Any sort of advertising or advertising work.
  • Earning profits from selling some thing.

On-line statistics access jobs that contain the above are generally trying to promote you a money making idea recognized within the industry as “affiliate advertising and marketing”.


Affiliate marketing is not an online data entry job

Affiliate marketing is lots more complicated than just information access. right here’s a completely quick define of ways affiliate advertising works.

  1. Locate affiliate marketing products/services to promote.
  2. Write commercials promoting the products/services.
  3. Put up your advertisements to Google and Bing.
  4. Whenever a person clicks in your advert, it prices you everywhere from some cents to three dollars. this will get costly actual brief!.
  5. Whilst a consumer make a buy, you get hold of a commission.

Sounds easy, proper? wrong. it is loads more difficult than it seems. you can lose hundreds even thousands of bucks in case you don’t know what you are doing.

Associate advertising and marketing isn’t a data entry work from home task. it’s a web business possibility. It calls for quite a few work and investment in your component so isn’t always for most of the people.

I incredibly advocate you do not try associate marketing till you’ve examine an awesome manual on how to do it nicely and have money to make investments. in any other case you can lose a number of cash trying to make it work.

I’ve been making dwelling with affiliate advertising and marketing for over thirteen years now. So i’m able to show you the way it works which i can do in due route.

How to spot an online data entry job scam

Here are things to look out for and to check to decide whether a data entry job from home is legitimate or not.

  • Did you arrive at the internet site after clicking on an advert?: online data entry jobs are so popular that organizations imparting legitimate online records entry jobs do not should put it on the market.
    So in case you arrived at a website selling online data entry jobs, you must be suspicious.
  • Does the website appear to be a commercial enterprise possibility income letter?: corporations that provide valid online information entry jobs have company searching web sites.

They do not use lengthy income letters to sell you their online data access jobs. If the internet site is using a protracted income letter, you must be suspicious.

  • Does the internet site point out net advertising, marketing or creating wealth from selling a product/carrier?: facts entry would not contain any of these.
    If the website mentions anything to do with internet advertising and marketing, advertising and marketing or making a living from selling a product/service, you have to be suspicious.

Have you lost money as a result of an online scam?

Want to file a consumer complaint against a business or company? Visit How to report a scam for links to national and local agencies to report scams and file consumer complaints.

How to report scam

have you been scammed? are you able to spot a scam? need to record a client grievance against a commercial enterprise or corporation? right here are links to national and local companies to record scams and file consumer proceedings.

Reporting a scam or submitting customer court cases probable may not get you your cash lower back. however it is able to help prevent others getting scammed. Plus you’ll sense a piece better.

Have you come across a website you’re unsure about?

Discover the 10 warning signs that may point to a scam or abandoned site.

10 warning signs that may point to a scam or abandoned site

Here are 10 warning signs to look out for, in case you’re not positive whether a internet site or opportunity is a rip-off, legit, or just abandoned.

  1. Is the copyright date up to date?:

I always take a look at the copyright date at the bottom of webpages to see if it is updated. The year usually gives an indication of whilst the website changed into remaining updated.
If the copyright date is 2004, it’s a certain sign the internet site has been abandoned long ago and also you must in all likelihood keep away from doing enterprise there.

  1. Is the approximately Us web page reassuring?:

A terrific approximately Us web page have to let you know more about the business enterprise and the people at the back of it. It have to reassure you that the organization is legitimate and currently energetic.

Here are the things I search for in a great approximately Us web page:

  • Bios of the founder/s and/or control.
  • Images of the founder/s or staff.
  • latest job listings.
  • Information and press releases.
  • Monetary records if the enterprise is publicly traded.

Smaller corporations, like mine as an example, generally have a personal story of why the founder created the website inside the about Us page.

An approximately Us web page that has more than one paragraphs of information of a trendy nature must be a warning signal.

3. Does the corporation provide actual touch info?:

Right here are contact details that all good               organizations should offer:
Real business enterprise address: copy and paste the deal with into Google Maps to look if it is a actual deal with.
If it’s far, click on on street View option (if available) in Google Maps to see if the cope with is a industrial assets, a residential deal with, or maybe a post workplace box.

Smartphone variety: If a internet site sells a services or products, they have to provide a sales and customer service cellphone quantity.
call the quantity to look if a person selections up the telephone or just is going to a voicemail. If there’s no smartphone wide variety, be wary.

If a touch Us web page most effective has a web touch form, with no cope with or smartphone variety, my Scamper (rip-off radar) would be beeping like crazy. Hahaha! 🙂

Having stated that, you would not anticipate websites imparting free records like mine to offer a customer support cellphone number. I definitely do not have the assets to reply to phone calls all day.

4. Does the website’s weblog include recent blog posts?:

If a website has a weblog, find out when the state-of-the-art posts had been published. If the ultimate blog submit became 5 years in the past, be wary.

5. Does the website comprise latest press releases or news articles?:

If a internet site has a information phase, find out when the contemporary news or press releases had been published.
If there hasn’t been any news or press releases for years, it really is some other caution sign the website is probably abandoned.

6. Is their fb web page up to date and active?:

If a website has a Facebook page, go to the web page to look how frequently they replace the web page.
See how speedy they respond to customers’ queries. and see if there are any patron comments, exact or terrible.

7. Does the internet site’s Twitter web page comprise recent Tweets?:

If a website is on Twitter, visit their Twitter web page to see how often they tweet. you could also encounter consumer feedback.
Some human beings use their Twitter account to churn out commercials and promotions for affiliate merchandise. normally, you may see new tweets on a regular basis, together with each hour, and that they continually include links.

Those money owed commonly do not comprise tweets to and from other Twitter customers. Be cautious if you see this form of Twitter hobby.

8. The domain hidden at the back of a website privateness service?:

Use a Whois research service to peer who owns the area.
The Whois database is a searchable database of all domain names registered along with the touch info of the man or woman/organization who registered the area.

Be suspicious if the area’s contact information within the Whois database doesn’t fit the info at the agency’s internet site.

Do the contact info point out “area privateness provider” or some thing to that impact?

If it does, it approach the domain owner is hiding their real identity. This method is frequently used in scams. So be truly suspicious if a website proprietor is hiding their authentic identification.

9. Is the employer BBB accepted?:

Corporations that trouble to get accepted with the higher enterprise Bureau (BBB) are in all likelihood critical approximately customer service.
agencies typically proudly display off their accreditation with the BBB badge on their internet site and link to their web page on the BBB internet site.

But, that’s no longer usually the case. So click on the BBB badge. If there may be no link, it in all likelihood manner:

The business enterprise NOT always certainly BBB permitted; or
The business enterprise’s BBB score is so horrific they eliminated the hyperlink. both way, it’s a bad signal.
10. Are there proceedings from customers on other web sites?:

Frequently this may come up with the most powerful indication as to whether or not to trust a employer.
i would advocate taking product/enterprise opinions with a massive pinch of salt. frequently these evaluations are biased closer to the product/corporation due to the fact the reviewer gets reimbursement within the shape of associate commissions for sending customers.


There are a lot of online data entry job scams out there. So be careful.

Online data entry jobs typically only pay a few dollars an hour. Ads that advertise data entry jobs where you can earn thousands of dollars a month are lying to you.

The situation is so bad that even Google has banned ads for data entry affiliate programs.

There are legitimate online data entry jobs. I’ll show you some below that other people have tried and confirmed are legitimate.

If you have any opinions or experiences with online data entry jobs, please post your comments at the bottom of this page.

How I rate Google’s top 10 ‘online data entry jobs’

I determined to take a look at Google’s top 10 outcomes to see if Google may want to find any valid on-line data entry jobs.

I look for ‘on-line facts access jobs’ and right here’s what i found:


Half way down the page it says, “I have seen many members making $40k + a month doing this program.”Seriously??? Maybe I should change jobs. 🙂


The website states, “Massive Income Every Month. Do Online Assignments, each of 4-5 lines. Get Paid $1 USD to $2 USD Per Assignment. Maximum Earning Per Month is $12000 USD.”Wow! What an incredible opportunity! :-) also appears in the top 10 which looks suspiciously similar to


The headline says, “1000’s of Online Data Entry Companies”. Further down the page the website boasts, “Just look at the money I generate with one of my Clickbank accounts. You too, could easily do the same!”. Below is a screenshot of ClickBank sales.ClickBank is a marketplace where anyone can sell digital products, such as ebooks and software. Affiliates earn commissions promoting ClickBank products. This technique is called “Affiliate Marketing”.ClickBank does NOT offer legitimate online data entry jobs.


This website’s contact address is in New Zealand. Yet the domain registered in Vancouver, USA.I’m sure I flew to Vancouver, CANADA, when I went skiing in Whistler a few years back. :-)Do you know something else? They pay in Rupees!So we have a New Zealand based business, registering domains in Vancouver, USA, paying Indian Rupees.

Suspicious? You bet! 🙂


This website’s requires a registration fee of $125 (Silver member) or $205 (Gold member) for members outside of India.What a bargain! 🙂

How are these amazing incomes possible when legitimate online data entry jobs only pay $1 to $9 an hour?

Simple answer: they’re NOT legitimate online data entry jobs.

Out of the remaining five results, one was for a Google Answers page.

The rest were for articles with little in the way of content with AdSense ads plastered all over the page. This is known in the industry as MFA (Made For AdSense) content.

What do these results say about Google?

I assume it’s a great indication of the way scammers can dominate Google’s search results. There isn’t a single legitimate on-line information entry activity on the first web page of Google.

What do these results say about online data entry jobs?

I think it’s an awesome indication of the way unscrupulous human beings are falsely marketing affiliate marketing and different money making schemes as on-line information entry jobs.

Virtually every online activity that involves typing has been marketed as information access jobs. It really is honestly false advertising.

How much money can you make with online data entry jobs?

Online statistics access jobs don’t require a great deal talent. except for being able to type quickly and correctly that is. 🙂

Consequently there is loads of call for and the pay is low. i’ve read reports that pay among $zero.25 and $0.75 consistent with 1,000 keystrokes. One individual said the charge has dropped to as little as $zero.10 in line with 1,000 keystrokes recently.

So what does that suggest?

Remember this: complete-time on-line information entry jobs normally require eight,000 to ten,000+ KPH (Keystrokes in line with Hour), a few as high as 12,000 KPH.

If you could kind 8,000 KPH, at $zero.25 in keeping with 1,000 keystrokes, you will earn a meagre $2 an hour. Whoopee!

Shall we embrace you may reach 12,000 KPH and paid $0.60 in line with 1,000 KPH. Meaning you will earn $7.20 an hour.

Some human beings can type even faster than 12,000 KPH. but can you do that continually at a high accuracy charge?

Axion information services pay extra, kind of among $five and $9 according to hour.


As you may see, the pay can be pretty low. personally I suppose you’d be higher off attempting different more legitimate and higher paying on-line jobs, consisting of digital name middle jobs, freelance writing jobs, and on line transcription jobs.

However if online statistics access jobs is what you want, i’ll display you under in which the legitimate ones are.

Suggested online data entry jobs

Here are four companies that offer legitimate online data entry jobs:

    1. Key For Cash:

Reported by many people to be a legitimate online data entry job where you type in data displayed in images.People had reported pay to be as high as $0.75 per 1,000 keystrokes. More recent reports say the rate has dropped to between $0.10 and $0.25 per 1,000 keystrokes.Is that worth your time? Maybe if you’re used to earning $1 to $2.50 an hour. Hmm…

    1. TDEC:

Provide data entry services to Fortune 500 companies and governments.Their job opportunities page has an ad seeking contractors to view images of forms and key data into databases. They even offer training.

    1. Axion Data Services:

BBB (Better Business Bureau) accredited since 2000 and rated A+. That certainly gives them a certain amount of credibility.For simple projects where people are able to input 2 to 4 forms per minute, Axio pay 4 to 8 cents per form.For more complex projects requiring 30 to 60 minutes per document, Axio pay $5 to $9 per document.The bad news is the website says there are currently no openings. However, you may register on the remote chance they need people in the future.

  1. Great American Opportunities:

Has been around since 1975 and have helped schools and organizations raise more than $1.8 billion.Great American Opportunities hires people to enter data from order forms.Great American Opportunities only test for potential workers once a year in January. You may wish to email them at to find out when they’re conducting their next test.

If you have experience with any legitimate online data entry jobs, please share it with everyone. Post a message at the bottom of this page. Thanks in advance.

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