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Hi! I’m Ammar admin of Ways4Money Academy, welcome to my website. I’m a web marketer, author, developer, and producer.

I live in Toronto, Canada, with my wife and two young boys.

This About page has grown into a monster.

ways4money academy

What’s this about ways4money academy?

Like I stated at the homepage, I wanna educate you the way to make money on-line. i’ve been on this business a long time. i have been making a healthy dwelling on line because 2002.

The net has given me the freedom to stay and paintings where I need and after I want. i’ve lived and worked in 4 continents: London, North Hollywood, Hong Kong, and Sydney, Australia.

Friends and family frequently inquire from me to train them how to make money on line. I wish I may want to. however it’s no longer that smooth – there’s so much to research.

Bypass it on

I would additionally do something i’ve desired to do for a long time – pass on my expertise and revel in to help others before I die, like human beings used to do inside the old days.

My dad become a skilled chef and chinese chess player. After he died, all his know-how and knowledge died with him. that is such a waste. however that could occur to me unless I placed what I recognize into writing.

I also came from a dust-bad background. Our circle of relatives of three (mum left while i used to be young) lived in a small room for years. After excessive faculty I struggled on a waiter’s pay for years. I concept i’d always be bad.

10 times my old profits

Thankfully, i found the internet in ‘ninety eight and worked out a way to make cash on line. all through the fine years i’ve made more than ten times what I earned as a waiter.

That has supposed I should provide my wife and younger boys the way of life I constantly desired to provide my family. it’s lucky I could in any other case the missus could probably go away me. simply kidding babe! Hahaha! 🙂

You may surprise why I don’t inform you precisely how lots I earn. you spot it anywhere, proper? humans throwing around big earnings figures to affect people.

Frankly I do not like that. I additionally do not need to offer you the idea that it is smooth. it’s now not.

I work difficult. I awaken early to help my wife get the children geared up for faculty. I then work until 5 within the afternoon. I used to paintings till 8 or 9, but now forestall at 5 to spend time with the wife and children inside the evenings – like any correct fathers/husbands should. ;-).

The opportunity to make a very good residing on line is there in case you want it. however it takes a number of work and a chunk of good fortune. I need you to recognize that.

I actually hope that will help you

This website is open to every person, regardless of your age, gender, nationality, ethnicity, coloration or where you live. but I really want to help people who really need help.

The unemployed

I really need to assist the long-term unemployed who’ve given up on finding a process. I need to give them hope because I understand what it is like now not to have hope. it is lousy.

I need to assist the hundreds of thousands of young individuals who can’t find a job in this awful economic system. in the usa 18.4% of workers aged 16 to 24 are unemployed. within the uk 21% of 18 to 24 year olds aren’t in training, paintings or schooling. In international locations like Spain and Greece nearly one in sixteen-24 yr-olds are jobless. the ones numbers are horrible.

Struggling with debt/loan

I really need to help the tens of millions of people who struggle to pay their loan or debt. the worry of selecting up the telephone or commencing the mail because banks or lenders are chasing you for cash is a terrible experience. I know – i’ve skilled it.

Stay at domestic moms

I need to help moms who opt to live at domestic to deliver up their kids as opposed to exit to work. The family shouldn’t should suffer financially due to it. however we all understand they do.

It is the choice my spouse made when we had our first child and it changed into exceptional for years. however my business went thru a awful patch at the beginning of 2011. I informed my spouse she’d ought to go out and paintings if matters didn’t select up.

She stated she’d favor to stay at domestic to appearance after our new born and make cash on line. but I did not recognize what to educate her due to the fact there may be a lot to research. So i’m doing this for her and stay-at-domestic mothers like her.

Fortuitously commercial enterprise has picked up for the reason that then and he or she doesn’t need to paintings now. however I understand other moms both have to or want to work, and could prefer to make money on-line working from domestic.

Penniless college students

I additionally need to help students struggling with university training expenses, because school should not imply you have to continue to exist on instantaneous noodles. you recognize what I mean if you’ve been to college.

Physically challenged

I want to assist the tens of millions of humans who have a “cross-outside-the-domestic” disability which prevents them from pursuing conventional employment.

Now not being able to exit to work shouldn’t suggest you can not work. people with disabilities can do all forms of profitable jobs from home: writers, image designers, undertaking managers, programmers, bloggers, and so on.

Wherein’s the best sincere data?

The net is complete of beneficial records. but there’s also plenty of garbage so as to waste a while, or worse, rip-off you from your tough earned money.

It’s hard to know what to believe. I realize – i have been scammed a couple of times. luckily I did not lose my shirt. however i’ve learnt from those stories.

I will now tell pretty fast what’s correct, what is a waste of time, and what’s probably a rip-off.

While my pals and own family asked me to train them a way to make cash online, I found out that there aren’t any trusted websites providing records on absolutely the way to make money online. as a minimum none i might propose to my friends and circle of relatives.

There are websites that may listing a gaggle of possibilities. however you can not tell who wrote the articles. They were likely outsourced to freelancers for five dollars an article in India or the Philippines who have no knowledge or enjoy at the difficulty. Do you really want to depend on records like that?

And that they don’t inform you which opportunities you should pursue. Or which of them you must stay far from. and that they do not show you how to virtually make cash from them. Or provide any assist.

These web sites also usually bombard you with ads for enterprise opportunities and associate applications, which best confuses you even more. you could waste lots of money and time looking to exercise session which opportunities to pursue.

A depended on useful resource

That is why i am creating the Ways4Money Academy for all and sundry who needs a depended on useful resource with the intention to show them a way to make cash online.

I want to build a aid that gives exact honest facts on real activity and business possibilities online. That suggests you what’s worth pursuing, and what to stay faraway from. I placed my name on this website because I stand by every word I write in it.

Assisting each other succeed

The information I proportion is simply a part of it. I want to build a community where we help each other succeed. I don’t know all of it. The net’s some distance too massive. there is too much going on.

Listen: I want your help to share your findings and critiques on what’s precise and what’s horrific. The greater facts we all percentage with the network, the extra we all gain.

What can you expect?

you may count on:

  1. exact sincere records and recommendation on actual task and commercial enterprise possibilities on-line. I promise to expose you as great i will how to make money online.
  2. That you can interact with me and i’ll reply to you for my part through fb messages at the bottom of each page, Twitter, and many others.
  3. Unfastened unlimited get admission to (for now) to the bulk of the data at the website.
  4. Instructions protecting the whole thing from a way to make cash on-line and eCommerce, to net advertising and achievement.
  5. To view the training on a computing device, pc, tablet pc. study what you want, while you need, at your own tempo.
  6. Ongoing pleasant aid and answers in your questions about the website. i am afraid I can’t offer one-on-one customized support with out charging for my time. i am positive you understand.
  7. To have a voice on your evaluations and worries.
  8. That i’ll pay attention and act upon at the high-quality recommendations within the exceptional interest of the network.

What do I anticipate from you?

I count on:

  1. Your undivided attention.
  2. You are taking action. do not just read the statistics. attempt the online task and commercial enterprise opportunities. You may not make cash sitting in your butt.
  3. You placed in the time and effort. i’m no longer preaching get-wealthy-short schemes or approaches to make quick and easy cash. being profitable takes time and effort. You get out what you install.
  4. You make a contribution to the community by way of sharing your findings and evaluations on on line activity and business opportunities you have tried.
  5. You percentage this internet site together with your pals and family. because sharing is being concerned. Haha! 🙂
  6. You pay it forward. because I recognize you need to assist make a better global, proper? 🙂

House policies

You should comply with these house-guidelines. This guarantees we provide a secure and pleasant surroundings for all community individuals. Repeat offenders could be banned.

  1. Use own family-friendly language (G-rated) – don’t use foul, offensive or disrespectful language. No bleeped out offensive words together with “sh*t” or “f@#ok”. don’t forget G-rated. Be kind. Be satisfactory. 🙂
  2. Treat other network participants with recognize and honesty. due to the fact it’s how you want to be handled, right?
  3. Do not submit off-subject matter, irrelevant, inflammatory or useless remarks.
  4. Don’t get disappointed. everybody is entitle d to their evaluations.
  5. Do not sell business merchandise, services and websites that you work for, own or get compensated for. i.e. no self-interest advertising and marketing. because you would not like humans to impose advertising on you, proper?
  6. Don’t publish affiliate/reseller links, internet site URLs, or hyperlinks to web sites where you obtain repayment or work for. No unsolicited mail!
    for your safety, do not publish any personal or commercial enterprise information which include a phone/fax quantity, deal with, email cope with, etc.
  7. Do not post requests for web site reviews or some thing purely of self-interest.
  8. DO publish remarks, recommendation, reviews and questions or have interaction in conversation that could be of cost to other contributors of the community.
  9. Most effective use English because I do not recognize any other language. If I do not apprehend what you submit then I do not know whether you’re following the residence guidelines. And i’ll delete some thing I don’t apprehend.
  10. I reserve the proper to edit, hide, or dispose of feedback that ruin any of the house regulations.

Disclosure – what is the capture?

So what is the seize? well I can not find the money for to train you at no cost with out getting some thing lower back in return. i am not rich. And i am no longer running a charity.

I do have to paintings to pay the bills. i’ve a family with younger boys to help. You may not begrudge me trying to make an honest residing helping you, will you?

Here’s how I intend to earn an earnings from this internet site:

  • I plan to at some point rate for the records at the site. but for now you can access all of it without spending a dime.
  • I receive reimbursement within the form of commissions for referring new customers to wonderful products and services supplied through legitimate organizations that I trust.
  • I plan to at some point provide my personal awesome value-for-cash services and products.
  • Sponsorship by way of respectable corporations that I consider.

How’s that for openness and honesty? 🙂

Why listen to me?

Not because i am nice guy!. 🙂 Okay consider these ten facts about me:

i have been in this commercial enterprise a long time, given that 2002. I recognize a way to make cash on line. i have been creating a at ease 6-figure profits on-line for decades. it’s no longer to gloat. it’s just to reveal you I DO recognize a thing or two approximately being profitable on-line.

  1. In 2002 I wrote and self-published one of the first books on search engine optimization. The 296-page, 66,000-word ebook generated over $100,000 in sales – most of it profit. It’s no longer on sale.
  2. I’ve spent about a million dollars advertising on Google, Bing and Yahoo! since 2002. I’ve delivered over three million potential customers to clients, and millions of dollars in revenue.
  3. Since 2002 I’ve generated thousands of top ten rankings in search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. Those rankings delivered millions of visitors to my and my clients’ websites. Those visitors have resulted in countless thousands of dollars in revenue.
  4. I’ve developed and produced over twenty websites. The best known is Mike’s Marketing Tools. Developed in 2004 the website is still going strong.Mike’s Marketing Tools attracted 56,222 visitors, generating 209,290 page views in May 2011. Search for ‘mikes marketing tools’ and ‘mike’s marketing tools’ in Google and you’ll find over 55,000 results.
  5. I always conduct myself and my business with the utmost integrity.I treat others how I like to be treated – with respect. That’s why you won’t find a bad word said against me if you search around the internet.Well, there may be one or two. It’s hard to do business for fourteen years and not upset one or two nincompoops. Haha! 🙂
  6. I’ve written many internet marketing articles over the years. Here are a few which have been republished hundreds of times on websites around the internet.
    • The 80-20 Rule Increased my Income by 207% in 18 Months.
    • Six Figure Income Tools.
    • 10 Business Decisions That Changed My Life.
    • Breaking the Glass Ceiling.
    • 7 Business Success Stories.
    • Internet Piracy: Embrace Or Die.
    • 27 Quick Tips To Top Search Engine Rankings.
    • Affiliate Managers: Your Top Five Biggest Affiliate Program Mistakes.
  7. I believe in keeping one’s word. Before my wife and I had our first baby I told my wife I would give up smoking when she got pregnant (I know I should’ve quit before).If you promise to give me your undivided attention, I’ll promise to show you how to make money online.
  8. My greatest achievement is giving my two young boys a comfortable home, healthy meals, warm clothes, and a quality education. That’s what every kid deserves.But I know not all kids are so lucky. That’s why I want to help you. Allow me to help you make a better life for yourself and your family, starting today.

I hope you see I have what it takes to show you how to make money online.

ways4money academy