8 Easy Crafts To Make And Sell Online Quickly

Easy Crafts To Make And Sell Online Quickly

If you would love to put your craft skill into use and make creative, colorful, fashionable accessories, home décor items, gifts,  then there are many DIY easy crafts to make and sell and get to earn that extra coin.  On the internet, you will get thousands of money making craft ideas and also get step by step tutorials and easy to follow instructions on how to make them and sell online.

  Below are eight of the easy crafts to make and sell online:

1/ Sharpie mugs

 These are mugs that have words or pictures on them and they surrounded by dots of various colors.  These words or pictures are usually at first printouts which are placed on the mugs and then they are removed once you have dotted around the shape by use of a sharpie. For the design to last place the mugs in the oven for two hours.

2/ Ring cones

This helps keep one’s rings in place instead of scattering them on the dressing table. To make them you will need wood ring cones and different colorful specialty papers. You will wrap the specialty paper on each cone and use glue to stick it. Make sure that the wrapper covers the cone completely and well-trimmed to avoid it coming off much later.

3/ Keychain headphone pouch

This has a two in one function where the pouch acts as a key holder and at the same time as a storage area for your headphones. By use of a colorful cotton material, sew a small pouch that fits the headphones and has a small extension to put the key holder ring.

4/ Table coasters or trivets

There are different ways you can decorate the coasters, i.e. either paint or cut out a simple word message. You will need a cork trivet/ coaster, paper stencil, and paint, and with the stencil, you can paint out the design or cut some of the stencil patterns off. Having personalized messages would make it fun and unique.

5/ Designer wrapped pencils

This means turning ordinary pencils into beautiful pieces of art by wrapping the pencils with different colorful origami papers or wrapping paper on the pencils.   You may use wrappers with cartoon characters which children mostly love.

6/ Cereal box notepads

These advocates for recycling of cereal boxes to make a notepad.  Depending on the notepad size you need to make, you will cut out the inner pages and then cut out two cardboard pieces that are the same size of the paper you have cut. Put the inner pages in between the two cardboard pieces and then bind them by use of three coats of strong glue.

7/ Dog collar and tie

 You need a white shirt and a tie where you will cut off the collar of the shirt and sew it to fit the dog’s neck. For the tie, shorten the length to an appropriate length and cut off any excess material.  Clip the tie to the collar and it is now ready to put it on the dog.

8/ Washi tape clocks

You need a plain clock and washi tape where you will cover the clock all around with the washi tape to make it more colorful and beautiful. Cut off any excess tape on the sides and any on the face of the clock and make sure that the tape really does stick down on the clock.

The above money making craft ideas are so easy and you should take the challenge to make some. You can also share any other easy craft ideas to make and sell online.

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